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Short Course 33: Science and religion in the local church

St Edmund's College, Cambridge: Jan 6-8, 2016

Deadline for applications: December 4, 2015
Deadline for Bursary applications: December 1, 2015

Aim of Course

This course aims to cover a wide range of science and religion issues, with a particular focus on their relevance in the context of the local church. Scientific and theological background will be given, plus practical and pastoral application and examples of imaginative church resources.  There will be plenty of opportunity for group work and discussion. The course forms one of the ‘January Intensives’ for students of the Cambridge Theological Federation and is also open to church leaders (lay or ordained) and theological students from other institutions.

The residential costs for the course is £200 (£100 non-res) full participant, £150 (£80 non-res) for post docs and £120 (£60 non-res) for students.

Accommodation is available on request  on Tuesday and Friday for an additional fee.

Local clergy, please contact Rachel Simonson on Cambridge 741281 if you are interested in attending individual talks.

Speakers (listed in alphabetical order) and topics

See multimedia items for this course or click on specific talk title in the course schedule to see available resources for that talk.

Click on a speaker's name to obtain brief biographical details.


The course will be held in the Garden Room of St Edmund's College.

Course Schedule

Wednesday January 6
9.15 amWelcome
9.30 amRevd Dr Andrew Davison: Science and religion: what are the issues?
10.15 amQuestions and Discussion
10.45 amCoffee Break
11.15 amRevd Dr Rodney Holder: Cosmology and Faith
11.45 amQuestions and Discussion
12.30 pmShowcasing Resources
1.00 pmLunch
2.00 pmDr Denis Alexander: Creation or Evolution: Do we have to chose?
2.45 pmQuestions and Discussion
3.00 pmTea Break
3.30 pmProf. Keith Fox: Genetics and bioethics
4.15 pmQuestions and Discussion
4.30 pmFinish for the Day
Thursday January 7
9.15 amDr Hilary Marlow: The Bible and Science
10.00 amQuestions and Discussion
10.30 amCoffee Break
11.00 amDr Ruth Valerio: Care for Creation - why bother?
11.45 amQuestions and Discussion
12.15 pmShowcasing Resources
1.00 pmLunch
2.00 pmRevd Prof. Alasdair Coles: Neurological disease and faith
2.45 pmQuestions and Discussion
3.30 pmDr Hilary Marlow: Biblical and theological perspectives on personhood
4.15 pmQuestions and Discussion
4.30 pmFinish for the Day
Friday January 8
9.15 amDr Ruth Bancewicz: Science and worship
10.15 amCoffee Break
10.45 amRevd Dr Victoria Johnson: Science and mission in local congregations
11.30 amQuestions and Discussion
11.45 amShowcasing Resources
1.00 pmLunch
2.00 pmFinish for the Day