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Short Course no. 14 - Science and Religion in Schools

St Edmund's College, Cambridge: April 3-5, 2009

Deadline for applications: March 6, 2009
Deadline for Bursary applications: February 6, 2009

Aim of Course

This short weekend course is for busy teachers, whether in the sciences, philosophy or religious studies. It will give informed input by highly qualified experts on some of the latest thinking in the science-religion area, give information about resources available to teachers, as well as tackle some of the thorny issues arising in the classroom. The 'projects session' listed in the schedule below will comprise presentations of various course materials by Martin Rogers (Science and Religion in Schools Project), Dr John Ling (Wonder Project) and Dr Ruth Bancewicz (Faraday Institute school resources project).

Speakers (listed in alphabetical order) and topics

See multimedia items for this course or click on specific talk title in the course schedule to see available resources for that talk.

Click on a speaker's name to obtain brief biographical details.


The course will be held in the Garden Room of St Edmund's College.

Course Schedule

Friday April 3
6.00 pmArrival
6.45 pmDinner
7.45 pmIntroduction
8.00 pmRevd Dr John Polkinghorne: The Interaction between Science and Theology
9.00 pmQuestions and Discussion
9.30 pmDrinks Reception - Getting to Know You
Saturday April 4
8.00 amBreakfast
9.00 amRevd Dr Rodney Holder: Is the Universe Designed?
10.00 amQuestions and Discussion
10.30 amCoffee Break
11.00 amProjects Session
12.00 pmQuestions and Discussion
1.00 pmLunch
2.00 pmProf. Simon Conway Morris FRS: Darwin’s Compass: How Evolution Discovers the Songs of Creation
3.00 pmQuestions and Discussion
3.30 pmTea Break
4.00 pmDr Denis Alexander: Does Evolution Have Any Religious Significance?
5.00 pmQuestions and Discussion
5.30 pmProf. Keith Fox: Current Ethical Challenges in Modern Biology
6.30 pmQuestions and Discussion
7.00 pmGala Dinner
8.30 pmPanel Discussion with 4 Speakers – Questions and Discussion
10.00 pmBar and more Discussion
Sunday April 5
8.00 amBreakfast
9.00 amProf. Bob White FRS: Global Climate Change: Why should we Care?
10.00 amQuestions and Discussion
10.30 amCoffee Break
11.00 amDr John Taylor: Perspectives on Science: A New Venture in History, Philosophy and Ethics of Science in Post-16 Education
12.00 pmQuestions and Discussion
1.00 pmLunch
2.00 pmDr John Taylor: The Truth about Truth: Realism and Relativism. A Workshop in Exploring Philosophical Ideas in the Classroom
3.00 pmQuestions and Discussion
3.30 pmTea Break
4.00 pmDepart