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Donate to The Faraday Institute

By giving shares

12 million people in the UK own shares, with a combined value of 200 billion. If only a tiny fraction of these were donated to charity, imagine what a difference it could make.

Donating your shares to The Faraday Institute is not only a great way to promote education and debate in Science and Religion, but it could also be a shrewd financial decision. It's one of the most tax-effective ways you can give, as you won't have to pay any capital gains tax on the shares you donate and you can claim income tax relief too.

 Value of sharesAmount of income tax relief you can claimCost to you (as share-owner)Value to Faraday
Basic rate taxpayer (20%)1,0002008001,000
Higher rate taxpayer (40%)1,0004006001,000
Additional taxpayer (50%)1,0005005001,000

How do I donate my shares to The Faraday Institute?

A donation of shares worth over 100

Making a donation of shares is very simple, but the process depends on the type of shares that you hold.

Please contact Polly Stanton at The Faraday Institute for further details. Mrs Stanton may be contacted on 01223 741281 or

A donation of shares worth less than 100

If you have a small number of shares you would like to donate, please contact the charity ShareGift which specialises in smallholdings of shares.

Please remember to mention The Faraday Institute when making your donation. Contact ShareGift on 020 7930 3737 or visit