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The Georges Lemaître Anniversary Conference

Sidney Sussex College: April 7-10, 2011

Deadline for applications: March 7, 2011
Deadline for Bursary applications: February 7, 2011

Aim of conference

In 2011 we celebrate the 80th anniversary of Georges Lemaître’s famous papers describing his ‘primaeval atom’ model of the universe. In this conference the life and work of Lemaître and his legacy for modern cosmology will be discussed, as will the philosophical and theological implications of cosmological theories.

Speakers (listed in alphabetical order) and topics

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The course will be held at Sidney Sussex College, Sidney Street, Cambridge, CB2 3HU. Click here to obtain further details about the College.

Sidney Sussex College, founded in 1596 by the Lady Frances Sidney, Countess of Sussex, is located at the very centre of the City of Cambridge.

Application Form

Fees shown are an all-inclusive package that includes: all meals, including a gala dinner (with wine); accommodation; the conference itself; and incidentals such as refreshments during breaks. The package fee is discounted according to circumstances:

  • Category A = £400 (Full fee)
  • Category B = £200 (Bursary recipient)

Fees for Cambridge residents who require the meals and conference package without the accommodation are as follows:

  • Category A = £180 (Full fee)

Conference schedule

Thursday April 7
6.00 pmArrival
6.30 pmDrinks Reception - Getting to Know You
7.00 pmDinner
Friday April 8
8.00 amBreakfast
9.00 amTalkProf. Dominique Lambert : Introducing Lemaître: His Life, Work and Faith
10.00 amTalkProf. Helge Kragh : Lemaître and The Primaeval Atom: Contributions to Science
11.00 amCoffee Break
11.30 amTalkRevd Dr Rodney Holder : Lemaître and Hoyle: Contrasting Characters in Science and Religion
12.30 pmLunch
2.00 pmTalkProf. Michal Heller : Lemaître, the Big Bang and the Quantum Universe
3.00 pmTalkDr George Coyne : Lemaître: Science and Religion
4.00 pmTea Break
4.30 pmTalk
5.30 pmTalkProf. David Block : Lemaître and Censorship
5.45 pmFree time
7.30 pmDinner
Saturday April 9
8.00 amBreakfast
9.00 amTalkProf. Paul Shellard : The Big Bang: Recent Advances
10.00 amTalkProf. John Barrow : Lemaître’s Legacy
11.00 amCoffee Break
11.30 amTalkProf. Don Page : Multiple Reasons for a Multiverse
12.30 pmLunch
2.00 pmTalkProf. George F. R. Ellis : A critique of multiverse theories
3.00 pmTalkProf. Bernard Carr : Lemaître's prescience: the beginning and end of the cosmos
4.00 pmTea Break
4.30 pmPanel Discussion - Questions and Discussion
5.30 pmFree time
7.30 pmGala Dinner
Sunday April 10
8.00 amBreakfast
9.00 amFree time
12.30 pmLunch
2.00 pmTalkProf. Robin Collins : Modern Cosmology in Philosophical and Theological Perspective: Three Methodological Approaches
3.00 pmTalkRevd Dr John Polkinghorne : Final theological reflections
4.00 pmTea Break
4.30 pmDepart