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There are three types of Bursary available by competition: Faraday Bursaries, which are open to all eligible candidates, Faraday-St Gabrielís Trust bursaries, which are for school teachers and trainee school teachers of Religious Education, and Faraday-St Edmund's College Bursaries which are internal to students from St Edmund's College.

Faraday Bursaries

A limited number of Faraday Bursaries are available to enable delegates from low-income countries to participate in Faraday Short-Term and Summer Courses. Each Bursary will cover the full cost of the Course Fee (including food, accommodation etc) and some or all of the return economy travel from the country of origin (depending on cost involved). Travel refunds will be made during or soon after the Course based on the necessary receipts.

Each Bursary includes, in addition, a selection of key books on science and religion up to the value of £60 that the recipient can use upon returning to their country.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain the necessary UK visa, should this be required, and The Faraday Institute accepts no responsibility for failed visa applications nor can engage in advocacy on behalf of applicants with the UK immigration authorities. However, appropriate invitation letters will of course be issued to successful applicants who obtain Bursaries to make possible the visa application.

Who can apply?

As for any Faraday Course, delegates must be an undergraduate or graduate of a recognised university from any country in the world, and their level of English must be sufficient to benefit from a course of this kind. There are 4 further conditions:

  1. The applicant must be in genuine financial need and unable to attend such a course unless supported by a Bursary.
  2. The recipient of a Bursary agrees to write and publish at least one report about the Course upon their return to their home country.
  3. The recipient of a Bursary agrees to write an article on science and religion to be published in a publication of their choice in their home country.
  4. The recipient of a Bursary agrees to show a course lecture video or DVD to at least one meeting of interested people in their home country.

Those awarded Bursaries will be required to write a report for The Faraday Institute, after the course is over, showing how these conditions have been put into practice.

Faraday-St Gabrielís Trust bursaries

The Faraday Institute offers a limited number of bursaries to teachers and trainee teachers of Religious Education to attend Faraday Institute courses. We are grateful to the St Gabrielís Trust for funding these bursaries. Each Bursary will cover the full cost of the Course Fee (including food, accommodation etc). In addition, a small sum is available for help towards the cost of travel to and from Cambridge. Travel refunds will be made during or soon after the Course based on the necessary receipts.

Each bursary includes, in addition, a selection of key books on science and religion to the value of £60, which the recipient can use upon returning to the classroom.

It is a condition of receiving a Faraday-St Gabrielís Trust bursary that the applicant carries out these three actions on returning to the classroom:

  1. A report describing how what has been learned on the course has been incorporated into lesson plans.
  2. Information as to how the material obtained at the course has been disseminated among colleagues.
  3. A description of at least one event or conference held subsequent to the course.

How to apply

Since Faraday Bursaries, and Faraday-St Gabrielís Trust bursaries, are awarded by open competition, the application procedure requires the submission of sufficient information to make assessment equitable. Since only a limited number of Bursaries will be awarded per course, the Faraday Institute emphasises that it cannot engage in any discussion or correspondence about why a bursary application is unsuccessful.

Applications must be received in the Faraday Office at least 2 months prior to the starting date of the Course for which you are applying.

To apply for a Faraday Bursary you need to take 2 steps:

  1. Fill in the application form and submit on line, or print off and mail to:
    Course Director,
    The Faraday Institute,
    St Edmund's College,
    Cambridge, CB3 0BN, UK
    Fax it to: 44-1223-741285.
    Note that the form includes a page requiring an explanation, in 200-400 words, of why you wish to apply for a bursary for a particular course.
  2. You will also need to email your c/v to: or send it by mail to the Course Director as above.

Decisions about bursaries will be made very soon after the dead-line for applications.

Faraday-St Edmund's College Bursaries

Two bursaries are available for each Faraday Course to facilitate participation by student members of St Edmund's College. These are intended to cover the course fees and food package (excepting breakfast), but not accommodation as this is already available. College bursaries do not include free books, nor the other conditions described above for Faraday bursaries.

Bursaries are awarded by open competition by a Sub-Committee comprising the former Vice-Master, the Faraday Course Director, the Faraday Director and the Faraday Associate Director.

Members of the College who wish to apply should complete and print off the application form here and send it by internal mail, together with a full c/v and a one-page covering letter explaining why they wish to attend a particular course, to the Course Director, Faraday Institute. Applications should be made at least 2 months before the start-date of the course, and applicants will be informed of the outcome soon after the closing date.