Prof. Keith Fox

Email: krf28@cam.ac.uk

Keith Fox is Associate Director of The Faraday Institute and Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Southampton where he has previously been Head of the Centre for Biological Sciences. He is a trustee (and former chairman) of Christians in Science. He studied Natural Sciences in Cambridge (taking Biochemistry in the final year) and completed a PhD in the Department of Pharmacology in 1980. He was a Research Fellow at Emmanuel College, before moving to Southampton as a lecturer in 1987. He is the Senior Executive Editor of Nucleic Acids Research. R32;R32;His research interests concern DNA structure and its recognition by small molecules, oligonucleotides and proteins. As well as the familiar double helix, DNA can adopt three or four stranded structures which may have important roles in regulating gene expression. These can also be used for constructing DNA nanostructures. Compounds that bind to DNA in a sequence specific fashion have potential for artificially controlling gene expression and may be used as anticancer or antiviral agents. Several DNA binding compounds are currently used in cancer chemotherapy, and we are seeking to understand the molecular mechanisms by which they bind to DNA with a view to designing new agents with improved selectivity. R32;R32;His scientific work has been published in over 200 papers and articles.